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   The Lion King Code. English version 1.7   

The Official TLK Code в Version 1.7

By: Trey McElveen and Athari

You can download TLK Encoder/Decoder (for Windows 9x and higher) here.

Introduction by Athari

A long time passed since the last update of TLK Code. A lot of things have changed: the First Church of Simba has disappeared, two new feature films have been released... It is hard to count everything. TLK Code has became rather obsolete. This update is an attempt to bring it round. If you find any mistakes and/or you have any suggestions write me to athari at bk dot ru (replace "at" with "@" and "dot" with "."). Sorry for possible mistakes in my English, my native language is Russian.

Original introduction

I was fishing around on the web and I decided to go 'round the FurRing for a while. I had been to a few sites when suddenly I happened upon the page that had a link to something called Furry Code. Interested, I clicked and found myself staring at funky letters, pluses, minuses, and many squiggly lines. I was frightened at first, since I have a uncontrollable urge to run screaming at anything resembling a programming language, but after reading up on it and actually understanding it, I decided that this was pretty durn cool.

A few days later, I recieved a few e-mails (which isn't surprising, I'm on TLK-L). One, from a friend of mine that is a very active Furry, had his Furry Code in his sig. For something to do, I went to the Furry Code page an deciphered his code. Then I went back and read the rest of the messages, which were mostly TLK-L. About halfway through, I realized that none of the people on TLK-L had any codes at all, and since we had translated The Lion King's script into Pig Latin and therefore reached cult status, that all fans of TLK should have a code of their own. I put the idea forth to the TLK-L, and it got a positive response. So I set forth to create this page you're reading right now....

The TLK Code page.

Here, any TLK fan can learn the Code, create his/her own code, and do whatever they want to with it. I've mostly seen it used on sigs and on web pages for the true fanatic. So, have fun and remember... Hakuna Matata!


  • Jan. 9, 1997 - First release

  • Jan. 12, 1997 - TLK Code v.1.01
    • Thanks to Jespah for suggesting the "Tiger" sub-category in the "Pets" RL category.
    • Also, thanks to BoyceCJ fot the "RLHM" category. Boyce also inspired the "/" general modifer, and the small replacement of "cubs" instead of "children". Good thinking!
    • Joe McCauley suggested the "IBM Mainframe" sub-category in the RL"Computer" category.

  • Jan. 13, 1997 - TLK Code v. 1.1
    • Thanks to Jason Knight for most of the editing of the code in this version of the TLK. There are changes to the TLK category, TLK-L category, and the "Pets" RL category, among others.

  • Apr. 14, 1998 - TLK Code v. 1.5
    • Lots of changes, so I'm skipping some version numbers. Small additions in the "Transformation" and "Philes" category (added Rafiki) and deleted the "Games" category. Hardly anyone noticed it was missing.
    • Added the "Merchandise" and "Digital Collection" categories, per the request of Doug Muth.
    • Not a necessary addition, but the RL section of code was looking kinda skimpy, so I added a category called "Likes" to let others know in a broad sense what other things interest you than TLK. I only have a few sub-categories, so if you've any ideas, let me know.

  • Apr. 20, 1998 - TLK Code v. 1.51
    • Nalina from the TLK-L and African Tails Muck brought to my attention that I had neglected adding their MUCK to the Mucks category. Well, theirs and Serengeti Nights, so I rectified this in an update. Thanks, and hughuggles to ya, Nal! :)
    • Also, thanks to Dave Cleary for pointing out (in a massive attaboy, how typical :) that I had blatantly left out Gopher in the Transformation list of characters! Shame on me, shame shame shame! :)
    • Ecco6484 asked me to add Timon under the Philes section in the TLK area. Done.

  • May 15, 2004 - TLK Code v. 1.6
    • The FCOS no longer exists, so correspondeing section was removed.
    • New characters from "TLK 2" and "TLK 1 1/2" were added.
    • Likes section has been improved a lot. Loads of likes were added. Hope that list would be enough. :)
    • Forums, TLK games & TLK music sections added. Thanks to Robert Zhu for the idea of the last two ones.
    • A few formulations in Fan art, Digital collection, Philes and Computers sections were changed.

  • June 20, 2004 - TLK Code v. 1.7
    • Philes section expanded and now renamed into Favorite Characters. Now you can't be afraid to be misunderstood.

General Modifiers

Not everybody will fit completely into a category, so some general modifiers will be needed in the TLK Code. A list below is given and and how to use the code is also outlined.

  • ? : Means that you haven't decided whether or not you fit into that category, or don't have an opinion on it. This replaces any standard suffix.
    Example: If you haven't decided on if you would transform into a TLK character if given the chance, you would put t?.

  • ! : Means that you don't want to participate in this category. It says, "It's not that I haven't made my mind up on this, but that I have and I'm not telling!" This is put before the code.
    Example: If you don't want to take part in the Philes section of the code, put !P.

  • > : Means that you currently don't fit into one code, but hope to in the future. Place it between 2 suffixes.
    Example: If you want to improve your TLK fan art in the near future from "I draw pretty well." to "I can draw Simba with my eyes closed.", put A+>++

  • / : Means that you belong to more than one suffix in a category. Use it between two suffixes.
    Example: If you do simple reports and math on a computer, but quite haven't gotten the hang of it, use c+/-.

  • $ : Means that you make money off of what the category deals with. Place this after all suffixes.
    Example: A professional artist might use A++++$

  • # : Means that you want to keep the information in the category personal. This replaces the normal suffix.
    Example: If you use sm# it says, "I'll tell you I'm male, but I'm not saying a word about my sex life!"

Usually, the code runs over 2 or more lines. It's helpful if you break the lines where the TLK code ends and the RL code begins. This is just for ease of use and readability. Look at the example at the bottom of the page to see what I'm talking about.

Part 1: The TLK Code

This is the actual Lion King part of TLK Code, the other part is about you in real life.

TLK - Fan Status

How would describe your status as a fan of The Lion King?

  • TLK++++ : I often visit the Pride Lands, and am considering taking up residence there.
  • TLK+++ : I'm usually called "Simba" by my friends.
  • TLK++ : TLKiaWoL!
  • TLK+ : Best darn movie made, but that's all it is.
  • TLK : Well, Disney's always been good.
  • TLK- : What's TLK?
  • TLK-- : What's Disney?
A - Fan Art

Many TLK fans have taken to pen and paper. Have you?

  • A++++ : Art is my life.
  • A+++ : I can draw Simba with my eyes closed.
  • A++ : I can draw pretty well.
  • A+ : I can draw, kinda.
  • A : I don't do art.
  • A- : I can't draw stickfigures without moving the ruler.
  • A-- : I can't find a ruler.
B - Merchandise

How much TLK merchandise do you own? Anything TLK is fair game.

  • B++++ : I supply The Disney Store.
  • B+++ : People mistake at least one room in the house for a Disney Store.
  • B++ : I added onto my house to make room.
  • B+ : I annexed an existing room for my collection.
  • B : My bed is covered in plushies, but not much else.
  • B- : I used to have a floaty pen, but I let someone borrow it.
  • B-- : I sold my collection to pay credit cards off.
D - Digital Collection

Now that physical collection is out of the way, how much TLK stuff is on your computer?

  • D++++ : Can you say "dedicated drive"?
  • D+++ : The only reason to have a CD burner.
  • D++ : Can you say "JAZ Drive"?
  • D+ : Can you say "ZIP Drive"?
  • D : Over 50 MB.
  • D- : Less than 50 MB.
  • D-- : I'm one of those freaks that uses my computer to work.
U - Music

Plenty of music disks anyhow related to TLK have come out. These are soundtracks on every possible language, Rhythm of the Pride Lands, disk of the Broadway musical, and innumerable remixes and remakes. How much music do you have and how often do you listen to it?

  • U++++ : This is the only music I listen to.
  • U+++ : I've got all or almost all disks with TLK misic.
  • U++ : I've learnt all songs by heart, and a day without this music would be awful.
  • U+ : My playlist contains TLK music.
  • U : I've got some music on my computer and listen to it from time to time.
  • U- : I havent't got any TLK related music, but maybe I'll get it one day.
  • U-- : I don't like this music.
G - Computer and Board Games

How many TLK related games do you own and do you play them over and over again?

To begin with, which games do you own?

  • t : TLK for DOS/SNES/GameBoy/Sega/etc.
  • a : TLK: Simba's Mighty Adventure for GameBoy Colour/Playstation
  • j : Timon & Pumbaa Jungle Games for Win95
  • p : Adventures in Typing with Timon & Pumbaa for PC
  • g : TLK2 SP GameBreak for PC
  • c : TLK2 Active Play
  • o : TLK: Operation Pridelands
  • b : TLK 1 1/2 (a.k.a. TLK in Eurasian countries) for GBA
  • k : Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure for GBA/PS2
  • v : TLK Activity Center
  • s : Animated Storybook
  • e : Other...
Now the modifiers...
  • G++++ : I play them everyday and sometimes doze off in front of the monitor/game table.
  • G+++ : I play them once or twice every week.
  • G++ : I own the whole collection. This also counts if the box is still unopened.
  • G+ : I bought one or two (a few in general).
  • G : I've heard of them, but I'm probably not going to purchase any.
  • G- : What TLK Games?
  • G-- : Games? What kind of foreign language is that?
L - The TLK-L

The TLK-L is the Lion King Mailing List. How active are you on the List?

  • L++++ : I'm system operator for the TLK-L.
  • L+++ : I post replies to each and every message I get.
  • L++ : I post replies to only the messages that concern me.
  • L+ : I read all the messages I get.
  • L : I'm subscribed and occasionally post to the List.
  • L- : I'm a lurker on the List.
  • L-- : I post fake virus warnings on the List.
F - Forums

The other way to be in touch with other fans of TLK is forums. How often can you be found there?

  • F++++ : I have my own TLK related forum.
  • F+++ : I've registered on almost every forum I found and regularly visit all of them.
  • F++ : I go to more than one forum.
  • F+ : I regularly visit only one forum.
  • F : I've registered on one but appear on it rarely.
  • F- : I don't find forums useful.
  • F-- : I was banned from most forums because I can't help finding holes in their protection.
M - Mucking, Mushing, and wading through the MUD

Mucks and Mushes are just two of the many types online RP's out there on Telnet. Are you a frequenter of any?

OK, after the M, put the following for the Muck you are on:

  • a : ATMuck
  • t : TLKMuck
  • s : Serengeti Nights
  • d : FDCMuck
  • f : FurryMuck
  • e : Anything else....
Now modify your Muck category....
  • M++++ : I am a Wizard! Bow before me, whelp!!!
  • M+++ : You're more likely to find me online than in real life.
  • M++ : I Muck about pretty regularly.
  • M+ : I joined a Muck, but I don't go there much....
  • M : I'm not on any Mucks.
  • M- : It's kinda pathetic, I think.
  • M-- : What's this Telnet thing I keep hearing about?
So, If you're a frequenter of TLKMuck, you TLK Code is the following: Mt++

P - Favorite Characters

Some can't get characters out of their head, love them in their own way, or even become their personification somewhere. And some feel attracted to them not only emotionally. What characters do you like?

First, put this for the beginning... Using "/" modifier you can form several lists. For example, if Simba and Nala inspire you to creative work and you have a lot of stuff related to them, but when you see Timon's relatives or Scar you want to tear them to pieces, you code is "Psn***/*/cox--". Number of lists is unlimited but please don't abuse it.

  • n : Nala
  • s : Simba
  • c : Scar
  • a : Sarafina
  • t : Timon
  • m : Mufasa
  • r : Rafiki
  • z : Zazu
  • g : Gopher
  • k : Kiara
  • v : Kovu
  • w : Vitani
  • i : Zira
  • u : Nuka
  • o : Ma
  • x : Uncle Max
Now put the modifiers... If there's no letter after "/" modifier suffix belongs to previous list.
  • P**** : I'll devote myself to this character, since it has become part of my life a long time ago...
  • P*** : This character is worthy of religion!
  • P** : The source of my inspiration.
  • P* : I collect stuff and fanfics about him or her.
If you have those thoughts about your favorite characters, then these points are for you:
  • P++++ : Whoa! I can't even say this in cyberspace!
  • P+++ : Let's just say I can control my dreams...
  • P++ : My plushies are a permanent fixture near my bed...
  • P+ : I read AMoP, Acceptance, and NC-17 "The Longest Walk" regularly...
These points are common:
  • P : My favorite moments in the film is where he or she appears.
  • P- : I don't like it.
  • P-- : I'm writing a fanfic where it's eaten by hyenas.

W - Writings

The Lion King has inspired many works of literature, fan-fics, and parodies. Have you done any?

  • W++++ : I don't write stories. I write novels.
  • W+++ : I can't go one day without writing something about TLK.
  • W++ : I've written and released some of my work...
  • W+ : I've written, but not realeased, some things....
  • W : I don't write anything...
  • W- : I can barely write my own signature, much less a story....
  • W-- : Don't you people have better things to do with your time?

    S - Plushies

    Some can't live without their plushies, some can't get near them because of their allergies.... However, plushies have become a fav amongst TLK fans. How do they rank with you?

  • S++++ : I don't have covers on my bed, I use plushies....
  • S+++ : I buy two at a time: one to hug, one to lock in an airtight chamber.
  • S++ : I hug a plushie daily, and sometimes take them on trips.
  • S+ : I keep them next to my bed, but not much else.
  • S : I don't own a plushie.
  • S- : I sold all my plushies long ago.
  • S-- : I avoid the Disney Store display at whatever cost.

    T - Transformation

    If you had the chance, would you let yourself be changed into your favorite TLK character?

    First off, what character would you be changed into? Place as many as apply after the catagory letter, but before any suffixes.

    • s : Simba
    • n : Nala
    • c : Scar
    • a : Sarafina
    • g : Gopher
    • i : Sarabi
    • m : Mufasa
    • p : Pumbaa
    • r : Rafiki
    • t : Timon
    • z : Zazu
    • e : Ed
    • h : Shenzi
    • b : Banzai
    • k : Kiara
    • v : Kovu
    • w : Vitani
    • i : Zira
    • u : Nuka
    • o : Ma
    • x : Uncle Max
    Now, modify the catagory letter.
    • T++++ : Forget the risks! Where do I sign?!?!?!
    • T+++ : Heck, yeah! But only if it's reversible.
    • T++ : Maybe, but only after a LOT of thought.
    • T+ : I'm happy with who I am, but if a accident were to happen, I wouldn't complain.
    • T : I wouldn't do it for anything.
    • T- : I would be a part of the coalition against it.
    • T-- : I'm beginning a coalition against it now...
    For example, if you would want to be Nala, Simba, or Timon, but was a little cautious, the TLK Code would be: Tnst++

    Part 2: The Real Life Code

    This is the way to code about you in Real Life. You know, that other thing you do when you're not on the computer.

    RL - What you do in Real Life

    This is coded as RL, but there are some additions... The following is a list of addons to put with the RL code. Also use the general modifiers to specify the occupations...

    • RLA : Art
    • RLBM : Business/management
    • RLC : Craft
    • RLCI : Construction industry
    • RLCT : Computers/information technology
    • RLE : Engineering
    • RLET : Education/teaching
    • RLF : Farming
    • RLFB : Finance/banking
    • RLGP : Government/public service
    • RLL : Law
    • RLLW : Literature/writing
    • RLM : Music
    • RLMA : Military/armed forces
    • RLMC : Media/communications
    • RLMH : Medicine (human)
    • RLRB : Retail business
    • RLS : Science
    • RLTH : Theatre
    • RLTI : Transport industry
    • RLVM : Veterinary medicine
    A few special cases:
    • RLAT : I'm a jack of all trades!
    • RLU : Undecided (generally used by young students who haven't picked a major yet)
    • RLHM : No qualifications, no job, no worries!
    Use the > sign to indicate that you're working/learning as something other than what you've trained for.
    Example: If you're trained as a veterinary assistant, but are currently working as a Food World clerk, the code would be: RLVM>RB

    Use a * if you're trained in your RL profession, but someone hasn't picked you up and started paying you for it.
    Example: If you're trained as a banker, but currently unemployed, the code would be: RLFB*

    a - Age

    How old are you?

    • a++++ : 60+ years
    • a+++ : 50-59 years
    • a++ : 40-49 years
    • a+ : 30-39 years
    • a : 20-29 years
    • a- : 10-19 years
    • a-- : Under 10 years
    You can also say a40 instead of a++. It's your choice.

    c - Computers

    Well, since you're reading this, I must assume that you have some knowledge of computers, but how much of a geek are you?

    • c++++ : I'll be first in line to get the new cybernetic interface installed into my skull.
    • c+++ : I can forget to eat if I'm in front of computer.
    • c++ : I surf the web and currently learning to program computers.
    • c+ : I do word processing and spreadsheets.
    • c : I use them, but only to check my mail.
    • c- : Sometimes it's hard to find the "on" button.
    • c-- : Computers are destroying society!! Get rid of them all!!!
    If your rating is at least c, use one of the following in front of the suffixes, but after the letter.
    • a : Amiga
    • b : BSD Unix
    • d : MS-DOS
    • l : Linux
    • m : Macintosh
    • w : Windows 3.x
    • n : Windows 95/98/ME/NT
    • x : Windows 2000/XP
    • o : OS/2
    • u : Unix (commercial)
    • v : VMS
    • f : IBM Mainframe
    e - Education

    How far have you gotten in (or out of) school?

    • e++++ : Doctorate, or the equivalent
    • e+++ : Master's degree, or the equivalent
    • e++ : Bachelor's degree, or the equivalent
    • e+ : Some tertiary education
    • e : Finished high school
    • e- : Haven't finished high school
    • e-- : Haven't started high school
    h - Housing

    What kind of pad do you live in?

    • h++++ : Married... with cubs
    • h+++ : Married, or shacked up with your mate on a long-term basis
    • h++ : Living with one or more TLK fanatics
    • h+ : Living with one or more people who know nothing about TLK
    • h : Living alone, other TLK fans come to visit
    • h- : Living alone, get out once a week to buy food, all surfaces covered in computers and/or zines
    • h-- : Living in a cave with 47 computers and an Internet feed
    For all those living in a dorm out there, I think h- fits it well....

    i - Internet

    The Internet has influenced many people since its takeoff, and many TLK fans have hopped on for the ride! How far involved are you on the 'Net?

    • i++++ : I am a webmaster/site sysadmin.
    • i+++ : I surf the 'Net so much I have lost all connection with society.
    • i++ : The 'Net's cool. I'm on longer than I sleep in a day.
    • i+ : The 'Net's ok. But it's all so confusing!
    • i : I'm connected. But that's all.
    • i- : I'm not connected. I go through someone else.
    • i-- : The Internet is just a fad and will fade away like all others.
    Put w if you have a web page online, add t if it mentions TLK.

    l - Likes

    Even though this is a TLKCode, it might be helpful if you added something about your other interests.

    Place this after the category letter to show what broad interests you have other than TLK. Use as many as is *comfortable*. Too many and the code looks really... well, bad.

    • a : Avionics
    • c : Card Collecting
    • i : Literature
    • j : Journalism
    • m : Movies
    • n : Music
    • p : Politics
    • r : Reading
    • s : Sports
    • t : Theatre
    • w : Writing
    • x : X-Files (or anything Sci-Fi)
    • z : Zoology
    • 1 : Motoring
    • 2 : Archaeology
    • 3 : Astronomy
    • 4 : Biology
    • 5 : Geography
    • 6 : Art
    • 7 : Culinary art
    • 8 : Mathematics
    • 9 : World culture
    • b : Humanities
    • d : Museums
    • e : Software
    • f : Fantasy
    • g : Poetry
    • h : Programming
    • k : Journeys
    • l : Physics
    • q : Philosophy
    • u : Photography
    • v : Chemistry
    • y : Economy
    Suffixes are really null for this, since you wouldn't have it in your code if you didn't like it. Use the '+' suffix up to four times and any of the general modifiers if you feel the need, however.

    p - Pets

    Do you take care of any pets? (I'll say 'own' or 'have' sometimes, but I don't recognize anyone as 'owning' a pet)

    Place this after the catagory letter to designate what pets you care for. Use as many as necessary.

    • d : Dog
    • c : Cat
    • b : Bird
    • i : Iguana
    • s : Snake
    • f : Fish
    • l : Lion
    • t : Tiger
    Now, add the suffixes.
    • p++++ : My household has been leagally termed a zoo.
    • p+++ : I care for a menagerie of fluffy/scaly/feathery pets.
    • p++ : I take care of three or more animals.
    • p+ : I own two pets.
    • p : I have one pet.
    • p- : I don't own a pet.
    • p-- : Do sea monkeys count?
    It takes a LOT of fish to reach p++++, but if you have 2 aquariums, one fresh, one salt, it'll pass.

    s - Sex

    Ok, this one'll probably be balked on a lot, but everyone needs to know your gender. It's embarassing to guess wrong. Remember the # modifier to keep your sex life private...

    First, use the following to desginate male or female.

    • m : Male
    • f : Female
    Now, modify with suffixes.
    • s++++ : Heidi Fleiss ain't got nuthin' on me!
    • s+++ : Just call me "Lucky".
    • s++ : I've had sex with more than one woman/man.
    • s+ : I've had sex at least once.
    • s : I've had sex... just not with another person.
    • s- : I'm not having sex, by choice.
    • s-- : I'm a priest/nun, and cannot have sex.
    So, if you're a pimp, your code is: sm++++


    This is my (Athari) very own TLK Code:

       ——————————————————————————— Begin TLK Code 1.7 ——————————————————————————————
       TLK++ A+>++ B- D++++ U++>+++ Gtjbe+ L++ F++ M Pns**/cmr/u-/ox-- W S Tscmrv+++
       RLCT* a- cdnx++++ e+ h+ iwt+ lmnrx8eh p- sm#
       —————————————————————————————— End TLK Code —————————————————————————————————

    [ On top ]
  •  © SimBa aka Dimoniusis